Stroll Over That Icy Terrain with Quadtrek’s Ice Cleats for Shoes

QT Ice cleats for shoes

It’s just another regular snowy day and you want to go to the grocery for some milk because you’ve been craving that hot chocolate to complement the cold weather. As you step outside you experience slippery terrain beneath that layer of snow, making it next to impossible for you to get to where you want […]

Ice Cleats that Provide the Best Snow Grips

Quick spikes

Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide1. It is therefore reasonable that a lot of time and energy is spent over making sure dynamic stability— stability while the body is moving—is of utmost importance while manufacturing footwear, especially ones for slippery terrain. That’s exactly why you cannot ignore the […]

Winter Safety Tips For Children, Workers and Old People

Winter Safety Tips For Children, Workers and Old People

Winter is an exciting season for outdoor activities, such as sledding and skating. Intense cold can pose personal safety hazards and special precautions must be taken. Before going outside, please follow the following winter safety tips to reduce your risk of suffering from temperature-related health problems: WINTER SAFETY TIPS FOR CHILDREN AND OLD PEOPLE Older […]

Hiking Guide For Beginners: Gear Checklist – 2020

Hiking Guide

Did you choose the right hiking equipment? Beginners Hiking Guide: Outdoor hiking has become a social flow of today’s sports, for outdoor camping, the outdoor equipment is essential, the purchase of outdoor equipment is to better enjoy the fun of hiking while reducing the fatigue of hiking, is very necessary.  Along with our QuadtrekUSA’s all-terrain […]

Hiking in Cold Weather- An Essential Guide

Hiking in Cold Weather- An Essential Guide

As the winter is nearing, most of the travel enthusiasts are already getting ready to hit the roads and reach their most desirable destinations. Hiking in cold weather has a different level of joy altogether. No other season can beat the thrill one experiences while hiking in cold weather conditions. But when nature decides to […]

16 Tips Be Safe From Slip and Fall Accidents On Ice and Snow

Know-How Only $20 Can Save You From Spending Millions Of Dollars

Sipping a hot cup of coffee while gazing through the window and experiencing the first day of snow is such a pleasant and most awaited moment of the year. For every westerner who experiences this awesome view, snow is just weather. But for non-westerners, It is bliss. We have tips to help you minimize the […]

Cold Weather Hike: Tips and Safety Hacks

Hiking - quadtrekusa

Being a hiker, you understand the joy of hiking in different weather conditions. While most people avoid hiking in the summers (of course, because of the heat and tan), there exist avid hikers who love to hike in the pleasant cold weather. But is there really weather which can stop you from attempting the sport […]

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