Ice Cleats that Provide the Best Snow Grips

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Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide1. It is therefore reasonable that a lot of time and energy is spent over making sure dynamic stability— stability while the body is moving—is of utmost importance while manufacturing footwear, especially ones for slippery terrain.

That’s exactly why you cannot ignore the Quad Trek ice cleats. If you’re a hiker, wilderness wanderer or even an urban office dweller trying to survive your commute during the worst winters, you will find these ice-cleats for your shoes, invaluable, for daily use. This is not another of those winter boots which require a big investment but are difficult to carry around. Read on to know all about your next must-have winter-footwear accessory. 

Advantages of ice cleats while walking or hiking

Ice cleats from Quad Trek deliver on stability beyond your expectations. They have been designed to enable maximum protection to avoid falls on slippery ice while walking, running or even jumping. With stability comes safety, of course. You needn’t be apprehensive about stepping out to buy groceries or take your dog out for a walk after a night of heavy snowfall. 

Winters can be quite unpredictable. Most often you step out into a warm sunny day and before you know it’s starts snowing all over again. You probably didn’t plan your footwear efficiently and you’re stranded. In your defense, you did not want to be carrying around additional pairs of shoes, one suited for each different weather condition, right?

 In such situations, these snow cleats will become your new best friend. They are so compact; they can be carried around in your handbag, backpack or even your purse- you read that right! They are lightweight- around 300 gms (1.102 lbs) – light as a feather in comparison to an activity or weather-specific shoes. With excellent stowing capacity, these cleats can be tucked away to be used as and when the need arises, be it a spontaneous hike or a regular walk to the grocery store after work.

As if that were not enough, they’re ergonomically designed to adapt to changing weight and posture while walking on snow. These ice and snow cleats will ensure you maintain a normal stride with increased grip. So, you needn’t worry about body aches and pains even after using them for long hours for an extended period of time. 

Here’s what else makes Quad Trek ice cleats a great option-

Quad Trek’s snow cleats are designed with a strong rubber construction so as to enable secure stretching over a flat-heeled shoe or boot that you would commonly use. That’s what makes these ice cleats your perfect footwear accessory for winter. A built-in stretch-tab is made available in order to make it easier for you to hold, pull and adjust according to the shape of your shoe. It’s made to compliment your existing shoes perfectly and eliminating the need to buy specific shoes for various activities.

How does it go about providing extraordinary stability? The secret recipe is this- these snow cleats consist of stainless spikes embedded with the rubber exoskeleton. Specifically, 24 metal teeth- triangular in shape, which are machine punched into position distributed under the forefoot and the heel. Stainless steel and ice? Don’t worry, these spikes are rust-free and therefore long-lasting.

Yet another detail that can’t be ignored is the placement of the spikes that is the core of an incredible traction system. The heat-treated steel cleats are placed strategically in a multi-directional manner. This enables the entire foot to bite into the ice or snow which results in maximum traction. 

Are you thinking that such a simple-yet-sophisticated accessory would probably require some time to put on just like regular winter or hiking boots? We’re glad to prove you wrong. All it takes is under 15 seconds to put this on and you’re on your way to that hiking trip. They pull on and off so easily that you’ll want to put aside all substitutes right away. No laces to tie, zippers to zip or awkward galoshes to pull on.

What’s unique about these ice cleats is that they are designed to be universally used irrespective of gender or age- Men, women, teenagers alike. The range of sizes is so varied that it can accommodate more shoe sizes and designs. The rubber enables each piece to be stretched up to 2 sizes giving it additional flexibility.

If you’re thinking these snow cleats need to be packed up once winter is over, then we’re so glad to pleasantly surprise you- these cleats can be used on all terrain. It’s not just a winter accessory. While these ice cleats can be used for walking or hiking on snow, they are also extremely useful in mud, grass, and ice. Be it gardening, hiking, bicycling or dirt-biking, you will not regret having made an investment in these ice cleats. 

Just how do you put it on

This innovative product is designed to complement your regular shoes. In under 15 seconds, you can put on or remove. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a stretch tab that enables easy and effective attaching as well as detaching. Simply cup it over the toe-end of your shoe, hold on to the stretch tab and pull it over the heel-end and you’re good to go. The Slip-on stretch along with the traction system is an added benefit for walking on ice with shoes and boots. It’s quick, it’s safe and it’s convenient- everything you’re looking for in an innovative solution to your mobility problems on all kinds of slippery terrain.

Now you’re thinking, you have a couple of winter footwear in different colors. Will these add-on snow cleats match the ones you already use? Yes, they will. Our snow cleats come in 3 different colors- black brown and red. Pick your favorite and get going! 

Best of all, you can face your terrain with confidence. Don’t let the snow or any sort of slippery terrain stop you from living life to the fullest. Get a grip with Quad Trek!

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