Stroll Over That Icy Terrain with Quadtrek’s Ice Cleats for Shoes

QT Ice cleats for shoes

It’s just another regular snowy day and you want to go to the grocery for some milk because you’ve been craving that hot chocolate to complement the cold weather. As you step outside you experience slippery terrain beneath that layer of snow, making it next to impossible for you to get to where you want to be. So, before you begin to dread your next slip here’s how we at Quadtrek will help you get a grip. Our rubber slip-on ice cleats for shoes fit right over any footwear for sure and slip-free footing anywhere.

They offer traction for any terrain. Now, maintaining a normal stride with maximum grip is a definite possibility whether you’re going to for a stroll in the city on a wintery day or for an afternoon hike in the hills.  A well-positioned cleat is critically important for keeping you safe especially through dangerous and slippery terrain. With Quadtrek cleats, you can be fearless on your feet. 

What makes our cleats special?

With our ice traction cleats, you can transform your shoes and boots into all-terrain cleats. That means no more slips and falls. The best part is they can affix around almost all shoes and boots because the soles feature rubber traction grips to which 24 metal cleats are affixed. The rubber soles expand and contract to meet different feet sizes. The metal cleats claw through mud and ice and bite into packed snow thereby improving grip any weather condition or landscape—slippery snow, mud, grass, and even ice. These ice cleats for shoes make outdoor work and play safer hence reducing the risk of harmful falls that cause injuries. 

Do ice cleats actually work?

Our ice cleats for shoes reduce the risk of slipping on slippery terrain. It has been tested to prove efficient and has been developed to perfection while hiking or walking in all kinds of off-road terrain. Ice cleats work extremely well at reducing that risk if you choose the best, well-designed ice cleats for any particular situation. Be it hiking in the woods, hill country, snow, or ice we got your safety covered. Are you otherwise a city dweller or an office professional trying to get to work during the winter? Well, we guarantee that you won’t encounter slipping on icy sidewalks anymore.

Selecting the best ice cleats for shoes can be a confusing and daunting task. And we have laid down exquisite features below to help with your purchasing decision.

What it is made of

The ice cleats for shoes are made of rubber and steel. The steel enables a strong grip while you walk, run or jog on ice, snow, or any other landscape. The rubber sole holds the spikes together and can even stretch two sizes over. All-terrain ice cleats are ideal for hiking and trekking on mountains, mud, snow, ice, or any kind of slippery terrain. They even come in handy for passionate gardeners. Want your garden up and ready for spring, you can use these ice cleats to aerate the soil for your lawn. That just proves the point that these ice cleats for shoes are designed to use in summer as well as winter. 

Compact and Adjustable 

The ice-traction cleats are not heavy. They are light-weighted and can be tucked away easily in any handbag, camping bag, backpack, briefcase, or even purse when not in use. The ice cleats for shoes weigh approximately 300 grams and they take up less space. They are a better alternative than save you from having to carry an extra pair of shoes or boots. Thus, allowing the user to wear it for long hours and practically not feel it at all. Moreover, it is a carry-along that comes with adjustable sizes varying from small to large. 

They just fit right

Slip them on when you need them; they fit securely over your shoes and you can remove them when you don’t need them. These ice cleats for shoes save you from spending unnecessarily on shoes separately for gardening, hiking, and more. They are unisex and work well with men’s and women’s shoes.

Secure Grip with Ice Spikes

The metal cleats on the rubber slip-on caused strong traction against any surface you walk on. While you take a stroll on slippery terrain and triangular steel in it gives a strong grip and balance and you can literally hear the ice cracking under your feet. While you’re indoors the rubber bumpers on the side of the cleats help stabilize your walking movements up until you find a seat—to take the cleats off. Walking just got easier, didn’t it? 

Walking outdoors especially during winter can be perilous because of slippery ice that builds up on sidewalks and parking surfaces. One wrong step can cause unimaginable damage.

Our ice cleats for shoes were designed to serve this anti-falling purpose. Our cleats create strong friction against icy surfaces during the winter season thus helping you to avoid falls. They are light, compact, portable, and can even fit in your pocket. All you need to do is roll it and then fit it in. It is available in three colors; red, brown, and black. Its slip-on style fits snugly over footwear. It adds value to your fashion statement by blending in with any type of flat shoes whether sports, boots or even crocs. 

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