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The best purchase ive ever made!!!

Let me tell you what happened to me. I slipped on black ice, broke my tibia and fibula and had internal/external screws, rods, going directly in the bone and thru the heel of my foot. I spent 6 months in a rehabilitation facility. Because I was none weight bearing on that leg, it cause me to lose all my strength to stand so I stumbled on crutches and ended up breaking my left femur. We have wicked winters in Wisconsin. These cleats are a life saver! Put them on shoes or boots 1st before you…

You can really feel the grip on ice.

I gave a paire to a friend and she won’t leave home without it she just love’s it. I used it 2 or 3 times and they do work well I can feel the grip on ice and it make me feel safe the little spicks are doing a good job.

Love these Ice Cleats

They work as advertised …. I bought these last year and used throughout the winter. Thinking of buying another pair this winter …

Snow shoes

These are great. You can walk very easy in the snow and on the ice. No slipping or falling. You just walk normal. Great product.

Just purchased my second pair!

I have had other models sold by TSC over the years, but these are the best! They are a good weight, I had no trouble stretching them over my boot with the arthritis in my fingers. I like the actual cleats, and they grip well. I found there was a bit of a learning curve, as one went on straighter than the other, and I had to re arrange it, but once you have them on, you are good to go, and you just know they will prevent you from falling. I have a old pair of boots that I keep for shoveling and walking the dog, keep the cleats on them, and so don’t have to change back and forth. Bought another pair for a friend!